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Our kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, shelving and other cabinetry are all made in Melbourne, on time, on budget. 

Client satisfaction is our top priority and our culture is to constantly go "above and beyond".

Our environmental footprint is reflected in our recommendations and we are always buzzing with creative ideas

to enhance yours, including interior design assistance.

And why are we called The Kitchen Hive? Because several of us are beekeepers and the name typifies our work practice.

Barb Pettigrew

A Melbourne designer with many years of experience, Barb has an extensive background in homewares and interiors. More than anything she loves making clients happy with custom designs suited to their lifestyle.


David Martin

David began his career in the UK designing bespoke, handmade kitchens and cabinetry. Working around the world with many high quality manufacturers before relocating to Melbourne has given him a unique perspective and experience which he uses to great effect in designing practical, functional and beautiful kitchens.

Grant Haggett

Our tech wizard, Grant handles all the technical aspects of bringing your project to life from detailed computer drawings to ordering the perfect materials.

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Grant briefing.png
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We eliminate the stress with top-line resources at your fingertips.

Specialist trades such as building, demolition, carpentry, plumbing, electricial, stone masonry, fabrication, tiling, painting and floor installation,

but to name a few. It means we can seamlessly integrate our expertise at any stage, be it for a renovation or a new build.

And of course we are always happy to provide a second opinion on anything at any time for your peace of mind. 

Our trades people are masters of their craft and we have worked together for many years. They thoughtfully match

superior quality and service standards and create additional value with ingenious solutions to untypical challenges.








“The Installation Wizard”

“The Cost Conscious Builder”

“The Impeccable Plumber”

“Electrical Brilliance”

“The Hand-Paint Expert”

Get in touch

1424 High Street, Malvern, VIC 3011

(03) 9509 9929

 Please fill out the form below to make an appointment to visit our Malvern showroom. We'd also be happy to provide a contact list of previous clients.

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