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Contemporary, Spatial Brilliance!


Lightness, brightness and feng shui were major objectives as well as a desire to make spaces feel bigger. With a sense of seamlessness to be created from one space to another, areas of focus included the kitchen, pantry, hallway, ensuite, powder room, office / media room, second bathroom and laundry.

Kitchen, Pantry and Laundry

A focal point and part of a primary living area, the kitchen had to be beautiful and functional. Instead of traditional white, bleached wood veneers below and on side cupboards contrasted with a smooth champagne finish on the central upper cupboards. A soft close drawer system designed for ergonomic practicality and hidden strip lights running along the length of cabinetry and island were also added for dramatic affect when entertaining. The lithostone island with waterfalls at each end provided a comfortable and practical alternative to formal dining. And when not in culinary use we incorporated quick charging outlets for mobile technology. Shelving and benches specifically designed for ease of storage and use were installed for the light and airy walk-in pantry and laundry.


Elegance and storage practicality were objectives in these compact spaces. Again, opulent Calcutta lithostone sinktops and splashback in the powder room were chosen in this case to provide the perfect foil for mirrored cupboards. Using the kitchen cabinetry materials and their coverings as a precedent, drawers and shelves were covered with the same bleached wood veneer.         

Office/Media Room and Hallway

With an extensive art book collection as well as audio/visual equipment to be housed, the challenge of accommodating these important items was met. Two tailored bookshelf units for the hallway and under the stairs were designed and constructed to provide ease of reference, a hub for family photographs and a striking aesthetic to greet visitors. On the other side of the stairs a desk, cupboards and shelving were crafted specifically to accommodate a large flat screen and other audio/visual equipment, creating a streamlined practical digital work space and internet media area.


A visual 'surprise' was achieved at every turn and our work was nominated for a prestigious Polytec Award. Spaces are contemporary yet elegant and stylistically blend with the Federation exterior and interior appointments. Most importantly, our clients are ecstatic!