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Framed Masterpiece


To build a new kitchen with all drawers in a framed cabinet.

Retain the kitchen island and match profiles and materials to compliment antique furniture surrounds. 

Adhere to a tight timing schedule; on budget.

The Kitchen:

Framed cabinetry is a little more expensive, but worth it. Why? Because as the frame is wider than the cabinet, it allows the abutting of two cabinets to achieve a clean, seamless appearance. All importantly, as the frame strengthens the whole surrounding “box”, it prevents it (and particularly in accommodating over-sized drawers as in our case) from getting "out of square" ensuring no sticking of drawers and cupboards. This is why this approach was presented to our client who subsequently accepted our recommendation.

We rose to the occasion to stunning effect. Long drawers are installed with no visible joins (an added framed cabinetry benefit). Being flat, the outside framework is a robust place for the drawers which we know will stay square. As well as this, the kitchen island top and cabinetry profile is perfectly matched and the monochrome cabinetry in Dulux Hammer Grey exudes a classic aesthetic, in 2 PAC for a lustrously smooth finish which will last a lifetime.                                                 
With attention to functionality, appliances including a combi-steam and conventional fan forced V Zug ovens, gas cooktop, rangehood, fridge and freezer are integrated. To compliment the two black window frames, black granite benchtops are contrasted against white marble surrounding splashbacks, matching the majestic, island benchtop. As well as cutlery and utensil inserts, accessories include two inner drawers and a concealed twin bin. Behind bifold doors is a spacious counter pantry for small appliances, stored ingredients and condiments. 


Newly manufactured fixtures integrate seamlessly with the retained kitchen island, parquetry floor and surrounding antique décor.

Over-sized drawers have been robustly installed. With accommodation for contemporary appliances, a spacious and enjoyable space in which to cook and a beautifully inviting setting in which to entertain is created. 

With exemplary craftsmanship, The Kitchen Hive Trades Team completed everything on time and on budget as expected.